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Partners for Change

​Drive culture change to inspire each student to be their best self.
  • Prioritize student success through improved opportunities

  • Represent the community by listening and responding

  • Actively govern to drive change with data and transparency 

Our Plan

We are committed to enhancing the overall well being of all students and fostering a positive journey so they can reach their highest potential in whatever inspires them.







Prioritize Student Success

Implement policies to improve curriculum, pathways and academic profiles of Millburn students so that each student can present themselves effectively to colleges 

Improve Opportunities

  1. Develop student-centric grading policies aligned with national standards 

  2. Modernize high school program to reflect career aspirations and academic and occupational environment

  3. Institute fresh policies that enable students to reach their highest potential.

Represent Community

Represent the needs of the entire community by listening, responding and establishing relevant policies aligned with the voice of the community

Listen and Respond

  1. Establish feedback mechanisms to collect insights from students, staff and community 

  2. Formulate policies and decisions that align with the community’s priorities

  3. Analyze and address reasons for student attrition from Millburn to private schools and other school districts

Active Governance

Commitment to Board of Ed's role of providing citizen governance, representing needs of taxpayers, as well as representing needs of students and school district

Data and Transparency

  1. Ensure governance and policy implementation is rooted in robust and current district data

  2. Establish policies for consistent, periodic, impartial evaluations across all levels

  3. Establish measurable goals and provide oversight to ensure goals are met with accountability

About Us


Cynthia Longley Richards

Cynthia is a mother of two district students, an educator, board-certified music therapist, and professional musician with experience creating developmentally appropriate practices and curriculum. Cynthia believes that the culture of a school district should positively impact relationships between staff and students.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a school culture where students flourish to become lifelong learners and make the best of all of the opportunities that Millburn Schools have to offer. I hope to affect positive change now, so that all future students can benefit from the excellent education that we all came here for!”

Priya Shivani

Priya is a mother of two district students and an accomplished leader in Consulting and FinTech. Priya has an MBA from Yale and has vast experience managing stakeholders interests, building consensus and leading impactful programs. Priya believes in accountability and delivering results.

"As a mom I have experienced all three levels of education in Millburn - elementary, middle, and high school. I love the community, value the education, and cherish the friendships that my children have made through the schools. I look forward to giving back to

this great community that has provided so many opportunities

for my family”

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Andrew Finkelstein

Andrew is a father of three district students and a partner at an NYC based investment firm. A graduate from University of Pennsylvania, Andrew’s professional experience in strategy, financial and data analysis, stakeholder responsibility and leadership, coupled with forward thinking mindset, will ensure that future goals and objectives of the Millburn school district are based on current educational data and community interests.

“One of the main factors that drove my family to choose to live in Millburn was the top public schools. I look forward to contributing to that tradition of excellence while bringing fresh ideas and modernization to our schools.”

Why Change?

Voice of the Community

"I believe the system is unfair and puts our students at a disadvantage to pursue the courses of their choice and puts them at a disadvantage in their college applications. The change is needed immediately, NOW!"

"A school has to setup its students for success, not require them to be successful in spite of it."

"I think resting on years past reputation guards need to change and the need to create a positive environment where learning truly can flourish for most as opposed to the top few."

"Current grading culture is hurting the students and not adding any value to anyone!"

Get Involved! Help Us Represent YOU!

Together with the parent community, we have actively challenged the status quo over the last year.

Here are some highlights of our accomplishments…

Actively encouraged the community to attend the February ‘23 Forum resulting in over 400 attendees voicing strong opinions to the BOE and administration.

Created and distributed community Petition resulting in over 1,700 signees agreeing with needs for change.

Influenced administration to include the community in open discussions resulting in Advisory Panel on weighting and High School Profile review.

We did not do this alone! We did it collectively with YOU, with a concerned parent community.

Get involved in our campaign & get YOUR voice heard.

Whether to volunteer, host a meet and greet, put up a sign, or donate, click the link below to get involved.

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